Friday, January 17, 2014


2013 started with a feeling of nervous, uncertainty and despair.
Allah is the most Gracious coz the years miraculously  ended with happy ending that opens up a totally new beginning.

Let's recap, shall we.

January: Busy with the dissertation
February: Still busy with the dissertation
March: Alhamdulillah. sent the dissertation. done. never want to look at again.
April: Paris? I think
May: Back to Malaysia (I was overjoyed). and oh, sister's wedding
June: Back to IPG=.=
July: Ramadhan
August: Raya Puasa! Met Zul
September: Getting to know Zul
October: Engaged to Zul
November: Married Zul
December: Continuing the legacy

Yeah, 2013 was really an expected year towards the end. Never had I imagined I would be someone's wife. Seriously, I joked, whined, begged a lot about marriage. but I never really thought I would be marrying someone so soon. like 23..

2014. Practicum!!!! I just hope it will end good. like real good!

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