Sunday, January 20, 2013

Do we really love?


it has been two months since I scribbled something in this blog. The last entry was last year and today I am in a new year. Indeed, time flies so fast these days. Sometimes, I am happy for that but at times, I feel scared.

Scared of the uncertainty.
The uncertainty of love, the uncertainty of the after life.

Recently, I read a status which goes something like this 'if we really love someone, we should make sure we can bring the person to Jannah'

Love, how we have abused one pure thing that He has given to us.
If we really love, we shouldn't be the reason for him/her to commit sins.
If we really want her to be ours, we should maintain the purity of the feeling.
Because, it is not now that we after for, it's the later. the day that we can call it as eternity.

Love, the thing that we take it lightly.
To kiss, is it love?
To embrace in arm, is that love?
Or to feel each other, is that love?
It may be the ways of showing love but not necessarily love.

Love is continuous affection
If we love mortal being but forget The One, is that love?
Love is true
If it cannot accept true advice, is that love?
Love is  care.
If it draws us near to the Fire, is that love?
I may have loved u, but do u really love me?

 The uncertainty of love. Do we really love?