Tuesday, October 2, 2012



Feel sorry to this blog. No inspiration is one thing, lazy is another thing that I couldn't avoid. Not that lazy as in LAZY, but lazy coz there were lots of things happened in my life lately and it caused laziness.

Does that make sense?

owwwwkay, probably not :P

A misunderstanding happened today and it led to MORE misunderstandings. I was okay at first, but u know..lots of thinking changed thing from OK to NOT OK. :D

But today, it made me appreciate one thing. The friendship that I share with Farah Wahidah. Unlike other friends, Farah and I are truthful to one another (at least I know I did. :p). When we were housemates back then, I always went to her room or in the  kitchen and had a chat with her. I'd ask about her opinion of me. My weaknesses or anything that I did which hurt her. Then, she would tell me in the most gentle way and did not hurt me at all, other than appreciating her frankness, because it helps me to know myself and improve to the better.

Then, I'd tell hers. We did not only talk about our imperfections but also strengths. Of course, hearing compliments from her makes me appreciate myself even more and allow me to explore my strengths.
I think, she's the only person that I am totally totally totally able to be truly truly frank with coz she takes it positively and so do I. ummm I think, probably coz we can feel each other's sincerity? It's not that we were trying to fail one another...nahhhhh... (errr..right farah?:D)

"orang yang menunjukkan kebaikan kepada anda adalah sahabat yang baik. Dan orang yang menunjukkan kesalahan anda adalah sahabat yang paling baik"

I want you to know, I loved u even more when we did pillow talk back then. 

Rather than talking behind your back, I choose to tell you coz I know it hurts if you heard the same thing but from other people. 

hope u enjoyed the chocolate cake!
love u mate!^^