Thursday, April 12, 2012

Spain Trip: Ola Espana!

Assalamualaikum *taking a deep breath*

Out of oxygen! Writing an assignment consumes a lot of energy and it is an English assignment. Not only it is English but so much shakespeare as well! Dang~~ why did I choose this subject. T.T (eh eh, tp saya suka literature dari subject subject lain. cuma time menulis je tak suka:p)

Ok ok, back to the title a.k.a topic. Spain (or Espana), people!!! Have you dreamed of visiting Spain? Hehe, I do and alhamdulillah. Our trip was from 3rd till 8th of April 2012 and, mind you, it was an independent trip a.k.a backpacking travel. Where's the challenge if you went there by agency, ain't? eh eh.. not that it is not good to choose agency travel. Personal choice, yea.

We had to take a flight at Luton Airport and you can imagine the journey from Plymouth to London by taking a bus from Kelantan to the end of Pahang, perhaps (5 hours or so). Our flight was scheduled at 6.40 am (SO EARLYYYY) and yeah, overnight at the airport-heee- (save a lot of money, people)

Don't ask about shower. It is a sensitive question for backpacker. kekekeke. The truth- I only use baby wipe to clean my body. happy? werk.:p

The flight (Easyjet) was delayed for about an hour and 15 mins. I slept like nobody's business, in the flight.
So, we departed at 7.50 (ish) am. 

SubhanAllah. appear soft as cotton.

At 11.40 am (local time), Ola Espana! or specifically Madrid! (Madrid Barajas International Airport). Oh, didn't have the picture of the airport. But, overall, general satisfactory. Next entry: Madrid!

Tips for backpacking travel:
1) Always make an early plan. (we planned ours about 3 months earlier)
2) Not necessary but advisable, make a trip schedule like this one.
I made a simple one. As a guide, in case of panic, blur etc.

3) If you plann to sleep at any point of the journey, make an early booking.
4) Bring sufficient amount of money and also debit card (in case of emergency)
5) Prepare some foods such as biscuit, instant noodles (maggi) and also water (in case you cannot find any halal restaurant)
6) The first thing to do before you are out of the airport, find a MAP and ask for information from the Info Counter.
7) Pray to Allah before you start your journey.

Hope this will help for your trip:)


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    -nadiah again

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