Friday, February 10, 2012

High School Memory


I was totally lost today. It seemed as if my world was shut off and I was left, blank. Then, I saw my best friend in the fb online list. So, I greeted her and then, I called her.

We recalled the memory we had together in Wataniah. It was funny coz I didn't remember most of the stories and she had to give me one hint after another to make me remember. Of course, she has an advantage cz she has my DIARY.

One of the sweetest memories was this

It was a hand-made card that I made for her and Fatimah. We had an issue back then. A friendship issue. So, I gave her a card of apology. Oops, sorry. cant tell u what's in there. hehe. friends' stuff.:P

I also remember we had this secret communication medium (which is not  a secret anymore cz I have revealed it here! LOL).

Funny! It was written as BM Rumusan but the note was not an educational note. We were "chatting"! Sadly, I forgot the actual subject for most of the secret codes. tsk. believe it or not, if you read all the cryptic writings, you won't have an idea of what we were talking about.haha

All the paper strips, card and photos- I keep it in this hand-made envelope:

Sammi cheng was sort of my nick name cz I adore Sammi Cheng.

When I told her that I have these here with me in UK, she was shocked. 

Imah: "you brought all that with you? To UK?"
Me: "Yeah.. why?"
Imah: "Why did you bring that with you?"
Me: "Nothing. Just as memory."

You know what, having these conversation with her makes me realise one more thing about myself.

I am such a sentimental type of person. And I only know that now.tsk. haha


p/s: keeping a diary is a good habit, you know.


  1. nik...aku pon baru lepas bobok ngan nuyu tadi...

  2. hehe...kenangan terindah zaman skolah:)