Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Resepi: Vanilla Muffin

Assalamualaikum mortalsssss

weeee~~ yeah, like the title says. I baked a vanilla muffin!! The best thing is I didnt follow the exact recipe but it still turned out well. Feel proud of myself.heee~

8 tbs of salted butter (melt)
1 1/2 cups of sugar (I put 1 cup cz I don't like too much sweet)
2 eggs
3 cups of self raising flour
2 cups of fresh milk
1 teaspoon of  vanilla essence

1. Beat all the ingredients (in the order listed above)
2. Pre-heat the oven for 5 minutes
3. Fill the batter in the muffin cases (60-70 % of the case)
4. Bake in the oven for about 25 to 30 minutes at 170 degree celcius or mark 4.


You can decorate your muffin with icing


melt the cooking chocolate and spread it on the muffin. Crush some Oreo (without the white frosting). Sprinkle it on the melted choc.


I am so gonna brag this to my future daughter. hahaha


  1. dengar semalam azam nak diet..tapi hari dah keluar resepi baru entah lah...ahahhha

  2. anon: xmkn. sy mkn half masak dan kasi kt org okk!!!...haahhahaha

    Hana: hana! i will bake it for your birthday! heee~ cant do it now !!:D hehhee

  3. sedap ohh nick!!!

  4. anon 2: along ko nih??? long. sbb gebu dan yang penting kurang manis!!:D xsuka manis2 sgt:)