Friday, November 4, 2011

Recipe: Mini Shepherd Pie

Salam peopleeee, weheeee....
Wokey, today i made shepherd pie ( although some people said that it looked like a creampuff, bubur lambuk etc) Grrrr.... Huhu

Potatoes (10 small potatoes)

Onions, garlic, chicken meat (chopped), chilli powder, some hot water, carrots, capsican ( green), salt, sugar

1. Boil the potatoes (either with sprinkle of salt or not) till it is soft and mashed- able).

2. Mash it with a fork. Pour in some milk and salt. Put it aside.

1. Fry the onions, garlics, the chicken meats for a while (with sensible amount of oil)

2. Put in mixture of water and chilli powder. Followed by carrots.

3. Also, add in some chilli sauce and tomato sauce.

4. After that, the capsican and some salt and sugar.

1. It is basically layers of mashed potato, fillings, mashed potato again and grated cheese.
2. Bake in the oven mark 3 for about 15 to 20 mins. ( tak lama pn xpe. Benda dh masak)
3. Serve hot.

P/S: mashed-able tak wujud pon dlm kamus. Hehehe

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