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A Piece of Advice: Dieters

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Remember this ENTRY?
The plan is on (although it is in a small group.hehe)!

So, this is a sharing to my lovely contestants and also dieters. It isn't from a professional but it is from my experience and a bit of research. To layout the tips, I'll share some of the frequent questions from dieters of different diet plans:

1. If I am on diet, I can't eat my favourite meal. Right? What a torture.
For other diet plans, I am sure it will affect. Depends on the types of your favourite foods. Greasy? Oily? Fatty? You can take your  oily, greasy plus unhealthy favourite foods but in a small portion. However, there is no guarantee that your body will shape (other diet plans).

For Herbalife diet plan, (yes, you can eat your favourite food) you will lose weight and shape your body. The key word here is "IN A DECENT AMOUNT".

For example, I can still eat my kue tiaw goreng (my favourite) for lunch/dinner. The portion will be a bowl of it ONLY. Tips: put in a lot of vegetables with it.

NOTE: One medium/small bowl of mee goreng is 300++ calorie. A plate of it is around 600 ++

2. It means, I can't take fast food too?? Pizza, Fried Chicken?? Urgh!! 
Again, yes you can. But it is best to avoid. Because these type of foods will only satisfy your feeling and not your hunger. Personally, rather than eating a small portion high calorie food, I'd go for a nutritious meal. Why do you want to waste your calorie intake just for a small greasy food that doesn't benefit you much?

3. Drinking 4 litres of water makes the toilet my second bedroom. I can't stand it.
That happens due to the toxic in our body. However, after some times, it will slow down.

P/S: It's plain water we are talking here. Not hot chocolate, coffee, pepsi, coca cola and tea

4. I love chocolate, tit bits. Can't live without it. 
Most people like to take tit bits, chocolate, snacks, cakes and all the small size but high calorie foods in between the main meals. They look small but have super duper high calories. A small Walker tit bits is 300 ++ calorie (equivalent to a bowl of mee sup). My contestants asked me the same questions over and over again. The only answer that I can give is:

"Yes, you may take the chocolate, snacks tit bits but in a small portion and infrequent (once a week?)"


Because, those foods contain high amounts of salt and sugar. Too much salt and sugar is not good for dieters. Drinking a lot of coffee, hot chocolate and all the sweet beverages/food will result in energy crash. Once this happens, you will feel hungry and tired. This will lead to another bad consequences which are eat more and sleep more!

And please, if you want to give yourself a rest from the restraint (of choc, sweet drinks, greasy foods), do not take all of it in one go! Please consider a queue. This week is chocolate relief week, next week is sweet drink relief week and so on. (though, it is still best to avoid doing it frequently)

I think that's all for now. I'll give more tips and sharing in the next entry. Don't think herbalife as a diet but try to think it as part of your usual eating. and for other dieters, no crash diet please.

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