Monday, October 31, 2011

Manusia Yang Bersifat Nasia

Assalamualaikum mortals,

How's your morning (malaysians)? I have started my morning pretty good when I woke up at 5.32 am for subuh jemaah prayer with Ada. Alhamdulillah. This is not a long preach entry. A quick reflection.

 I planned to wear my usual blouse. (Sadly) Since I have to work this morning, I need to wear my work T shirt, just to show professionalism. Sadly,  the t shirt given to me is too small for my size though I've lose weight. It's a "S".

Usually, if I have work, I will wear jeans (since I don't have slack anymore)-to be comfortable moving around. I already had the jeans on me when suddenly I looked at the mirror and the reflection disappointed me. So, I changed to skirt which pretty impractical for an active day.

The same discussion I had with Kak Wani on the bus yesterday. About clothing and our personality. So, girls, check yourself before step out of your house. If the t shirt is a bit tight, wear long lose skirt and sweater. If the trousers are tight, wear a long lose blouse/shirt or t shirt and sweater. Sometimes, we forget or we don't notice. Thanks for reading!

sorry, halalkan ea gambar

So, I will look like this if I wear jeans today. (even though I wear sweater to cover)

Instead of trousers or jeans, I wear skirt today and sweater:)

Sorry, I am not practising vanity here. :) So, Pass?? Can I go out now?:)

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