Thursday, October 27, 2011

Hidup Terasa Lebih Bermakna


Random post about random feeling. Today, I went to my darlings house to settle one of the diet challenge stages.  It was tiring (and still). I had to walk to four places. First to Hunter Personnel, then took a bus to ****** and then to ******** and lastly took two buses to reach **** **** (my participants' details are confidential)

However, I feel energetic (thanks Allah, thanks herbalife, thanks coach, thanks sis) and enthusiastic. Because I really want to help people to reach their dream. My coach always says this to me "betulkan niat, even nik tak dapat apa apa sgt pn, tapi insyaAllah pahala dapat. we know how it suffers to be diffident cz of our appearance". Although I am not perfect, I am happy with the new me :)

Sometimes, people's words and expression hurt my feeling, though they don't mean to be. It even hurts to imagine that my darlings might go through this. However, I try to think positive "they don't mean it. take it as an advice and concern. you are just thinking too much:)"

It is not wrong at all to improve ourselves and our health (earlier). Ego won't benefit you much. :)

That's all. I can't do any of my homeworks coz my mind is saying "oh, my works (the coaching part) have finished".

p/s: I am actually realising one of my dreams; to help people in need!

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