Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Evolution of Diet's Result. (PART 1)


in this entry (PLEASE CLICK) I've promised to share my diet plan. Let's first begin with the early phase. I started this so called diet in June but I was not discipline (sorry to my coach). So, I was able to lose around 1 kg only per month. However, in August (fasting month) I said this to myself "this cannot do. I must, I must, I must try. this is for me. for my health, my confidence.I MUST!". So, the journey of patience and determination begins.

I'll show what I was like in December 2010 (3 months after I arrived in UK). I was 57/56 kg before I went to UK but as I live in UK for a couple of months, this is the "magnificent" result

pehhhh, malunye nak uploaddddd... serius. 

Curious to know my weight at this time? I was 66 almost to 67 kg! Bukan takat mind blowing, pancreas, live, paru paru blowing. Semua ada.

Then, in january. I started to diet. I signed up for gym and eat less. and guess what happened? No? Don't want to try? Did I manage or did I only make  fool of myself? Yes, I was able to knock the weight down a kilo and two. So, I ended up 64 kg until June 2011.

Ye ye, saya tahu tak banyak perubahan pun. terima kasih.=.= tapi penat taw pegi gym, tahan makan 3 kali sehari. walaupun tak nampak physically. tp dalaman ade ape.:P

And in June, I went to visit my sister and she suggested (kinda forced actually) to take this diet programme and that was the first time I met my lovely coach. Although the first two months I was not discipline, my coach did not complain. Until in the end of August 2011, a miracle happened. 

yes. I did it! I am 56/ 57 kg at this time. I lose 6/5 kg during fasting month

And in September, I tried to maintain my weight and I succeeded (cz, you know, it's Raya month, people invited for dinner, lunch and something. So, yeah.hehe)

On 1st October, I started my diet regime again (until now and ongoing). I am now 53.6 kg (kalau timbang pagi2 sbelum makan 52.8 kg. Of course la. jgn NOOB boleh tak zack=.=) and this is me. Although it looks nothing for some people, I feel something. It makes me proud of myself.

Alhamdulillah (serius rasa nak nangis time timbang and ukur)
(forgive me for the pose.)

the jubah that I always wanted to wear. Alhamdulillah.
(I was not ready but the software already snapped my pic and the quality is low) I was scratching my head.

I keep praying "alhamdulillah 100x" in my prayer. Because I know only Him can 'allow' this to happen. 
I did this not to impress others but solely for me and my mom (who's dying to see new me one day and that 'one day' has come). and another reason is this:
I want to be confident wearing this. that's all. I want my little sisters (real sisters and friends) to see a woman is still beautiful in this and without all those body hugged blouse.

Anyone who wants to know or solely to have a chat with me about the same dillema, you are most welcome. Seriously. I like hearing luahan hati from others. It makes me ponder. my YM rosyamimi_aadylen@yahoo.com.my and my skype, of the same email address, ID name zack.mimiey

No insertation fees, hidden charges or what, it is just a help from your sister:)

had to delete my so called motto. it sounds negative after I read it though I dont mean to be. seriously. It is just a psychology thing that going on in my mind which induced the motto (to keep me survive)



  1. a woman is still beautiful in this and without all those body hugged blouse.

    comel!and saya jealous actually..wuwuwu~~ allowance..come fast to mama please:) mau beli herbalife:')

  2. heee~ come fast to mama hana allowance be kind to her :)

  3. knapa gu nye gmbaq ader kaler merah..?
    lu x ske gua eyh..?

  4. oh. bkn laaa... aku nak bulatkan y mana satu aku. tp terkena ko.hahaha..sorry la beb..:P

  5. Suke Gambar yg pertsms dgn akak tu nursyamimi ;)