Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Summer Film Reviews


My first summer is me alone in my bedroom. Before holiday, I was quite scared if I might die due to boredom. Plus after hearing my senior's experience. But, I like my summer. Although I am alone, doing nothing and lonely, I like it. I have all the space and time, just mine.:) Well, it is quite annoying because my plan to work did not go well.

After a month, I've watched numbers of movie. I've just finished watching Monte Carlo. These are some of the movies I've watched.

1. Brides Maid

Short synopsis

It's about Annie who has a pathetic life where she does not get all the happiness that a woman should have. Nice car, gorgeous boyfriend, good looks and a serious relationship. Then her best friend is getting married and she is appointed as the bridesmaid along with other women. Unfortunately, there're sort of bridesmaid war between Annie and another bridesmaid, Helen. Who is better and so on. At last, of course, happy ending. Annie gets a boyfriend and befriend with Helen. The End.

I would give 2/5. The opening was urgh! sex! So not pleasure.

2. Tolong Awek Aku Pontianak

Short synopsis

Urgh, what's the main character. ummm...Ah! Bob. Bob is a creative worker but often bullied by his head of department. They steal his ideas and get the credit (promotion, praise and so on). He has a girlfriend. She is just taking advantage of him and then they broke up. So, his housemate and him move to a haunted apartment (which they aren't aware of). They meet two siblings, Liyana and Maya. But they don't know that both are vampires. Okay, the ending kinda of illogical, but the story is quite funny to entertain yourself.  

I'd give 4/5 for this movie :)

3. Monte Carlo

Short synopsis

Of course, another cliche plot. an ordinary girl, Grace, goes to France along with her stepsisters, Emma and Meg. They have a very hopeless tour until they bump into Garce's super wealthy identical brat, Cordelia Scott. She takes her place and Cordelia does not know about it. A series of events happen and finally Grace saves the day and each of them get a person they loved. 

3/4 stars. I hit the forward button quite often you know.

You can watch the movie at letmewatchthis website for FREE. (but, the quality isn't that good. hehe)

oh, I watched Kungfu Panda 2 too. It was hillarious! You should watch that one. Highly recommended!:) 5/5

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