Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Unproductive Shopaholic


I was looking at my ebay account summary just now. Then I realised that I shopped quite a lot (without me noticing it!)

***nak siap siap, interview pukul 12 pm. sekarang 10.13. saya mandi 30 minit tahu!***

Okay, ayuh sambung. tak payah cerita pasal interview tu. Sebab tak dapat. T.T

Like I said, I like shopping. Take an example of just now. On my way to the interview place, I dropped in to Cow (bukan kedai lembu). It is a charity shop. I went through each rail. I spotted this one gorgeous outfit. Gosh. I love it. It is a yellow. I never had a yellow cloth except the one I got for volunteering last week (for free). It was 10 pounds. What the. Charity Shop?? 10 pounds??? So not it's standard. I can get the similar one at 5 pounds. But I really like it. I kept looking at it. Went around and took it again. Then, I decided to close my eyes and get out from the shop. Fuh!! That was a very seductive one.

Usually, I did not really wear all those fancy dresses that I bought. Seriously. Major Shopaholic Sickness Syndrome (M3S). What do I do with it?

Situation 1: Shoes

1. I spot one gorgeous shoes (usually wedges). I would think first. Will I wear it? Is it comfortable?
2. I would try it.
3. In most cases, I grab it!
4. In the end, the wedges would be placed with other shoes(under my bed). T.T

Situation 2: Clothes

1. I have this 'mental illnesses'. I wanted to be a fairytale princess in pretty gown and hot shoes. When I go for shopping with my friends, there's always one or two blouses that I fall in love with.
2. I would see the size. (I dont like trying the outfit coz too much clothes to be put off. So, I just look for the size).
3. Usually, there's only size 8 or 10. I am 12 (at least now).  Sometimes, it is too big or I would say too LONG???=.=. How sad is that?
4. My heart would feel really hurt to put it again. So, I end up buying it and it end up in my closet with price tag on it till now.T.T
5. If there is any of birthday girl who fits the size that I have, I would give to them as present.:)

Situation 3: Unrestrained Lust.

1. Online shopping. Who could stop you?? The internet security software can't stop. No one can.
2. I like to buy online. Coz, I will have no excuse to let it go. Like: it will take ages for me to come to the city again. Naaah, I won't have time to come again. It will be a busy week next week, so better grab it now.
3. I try to restrain my desire. I close the tab and try to ignore the Ebay and Amazon. But, I will end up opening it again at night, evening, the next morning!
4. So, I buy it. If it is good 'I knew it is worth buying!' (smile like there's no other proud success). If it is not 'gosh, I knew the other one is better. oh, what a bad luck.' (into the closet) =.=

Situation 4: Jihad

Okay, that sounds a bit exaggerating. hehe

1. When I found something that I like at one place with expensive price, I would try to find a similar one at other shop.
2. If 'Yes' I found a similar one, I would buy the cheap one.
3. If 'No' I did not find one, I would stare at the item with lustful look of a desperate shopaholic who could not find a suitable favourite at a cheap price (ok ok, calm down), I would ask my self these questions.

  • DO YOU REALLY NEED THIS? ---oh damn, I need this. This is the most gorgeous outfit I've ever seen!
  • HOW ABOUT THOSE GORGEOUS OUTFITS IN YOUR CLOSET AND THE ONE YOU HAVE GIVEN TO YOUR FRIENDS?---Well, they are gorgeous, but they are not meant for me? (innocent tone).
  • IS IT A NEED OR A DESIRE?----Well, it can be both. I need it when there is a specific function. I am desperate to have it coz it is stunning!
  • HOW ABOUT MONEY?---- I still have (quite?) a lot. I mean, come on, money arent everything. It cant vouch you paradise. (lame excuseeeee)
  • PEOPLE IN AFRICA, PALESTINE ETC WEAR TORN CLOTHES EVERYDAY. ARE ALL YOUR CLOTHES TORN? -----With this, I rest my case. Gently, put the clothes back in it rail. Went away with massive sadness.
So, that's how awfully unproductive my shopping was. I hope it gives you a bit of awareness about shopping. And please think twice before buying your gorgeous items. It is beautiful, gorgeous, seductive and over the top hot but do you really need it? Like desperately?

Lucky me. I am still reasonably sane to give mine to others. hehe (excuse, booooo!!!.:p)

p/s: I think my shopping sickness can't beat my friend, Farah Wahidah.hahahha. Sorry babe, no offence. :p Well, till today, I can still restrain myself from buying unnecessary things using the forth method.:)


  1. me too ! I wish to be in pretty gown at one prom night. hihi <3

  2. dik..i always wanted that..but then, my height is not suitable to wear gown. I'll look like an elf if I wear one..huhu