Friday, July 15, 2011

Film Review: Arthur


I've just watched this movie like...umm...5 seconds ago. Okay, I don't really get the theme and main point but I think I could see that it is about able to stand for what you believe is right.

An irresponsible lad named Arthur is rich beyond Harry Potter. He is a drunkard, pervert and childish. He depends on two things; his fortune and his loyal nanny, Hobson. Then, his mother Vivian wants him to marry a girl named Susan. Susan actually agrees to marry him for his title. But, there is nothing Arthur could do because his mother has threaten to take all his source of money if he refuses to marry Susan. Out of his control, he falls in love with an ordinary girl named Naomi Quin. And you know, they can't be together, bla bla bla. Then, Hobson gets sick. Arthur learns to actually take care of other person until Hobson died. On the day he is supposed to be wedded, He finds a piece of writing from Hobson. Then, he decides to give up everything and chooses Naomi. However, Naomi turns him down. After a while, he finds out that Naomi has published a book. He reaches her and confesses his love. The end.

I think the story is lame but the jokes in it are hillarous. Katty Perry's husband is really amusing in this film. i would give 2/5 for the plot and 5/5 for the script!:)

Oh by the way, there are a lot of dirty scenes. So, you know. Choose wisely:)

p/s: you can watch it here if you want:

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