Monday, May 23, 2011

Resepi: Refrigerate Chocolate Cookies


In the entry below, I mentioned about Chocolate Cookies. Well, actually I took it from my friend who took the recipe secretly in a magazine at a shop. LOL

So, it is very simple.


Baking Chocolate Bar
Choco Hoops (cereal) / Cornflakes

1. Fill in water into a pan/pot. Take another pot.Place it in the pot (filled with water).
2. Put it the chocolate bar (chopped the choc first, so that it melts fast). Let it melt.
3. Separate the chocolate pot from the other pot. Mix the Choco hoops with the chocolate.
4. Arrange it into the paper cups. Spread some sprinkles.
5. Refrigerate it for some times (30 mins-1 hour). Serve.:)

Do u see it? The one in the baking tray.hehe..nice? Try it!

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