Sunday, May 22, 2011

Resepi: Koktail Buah


Today, I made a desert. (main course xde pon.huhu) But, I made it for my friends coz, later on, i'm going to visit them. The steps are very DIFFICULT! ish ish ish..:P But it is suitable to serve for your friend/husband/parents./etc etc

The main ingredients:

Infinity cups of love
Zero limits of sincerity.

okay, let's get serious.

Skimmed/Whole milk.
A can of Tropican cocktail fruits
Some sugar.
Ice cubes (if u want to serve it in hurry)

1. Get a bowl. Pour the skimmed/whole milk. (i use skimmed milk)
2. Then, mix it with the tropican cocktail fruits. If it is not sweet enough, put in some sugar.
3. There you are!:)

P/s: sbb sy guna skimmed milk. jadi x rasa lemak dia.better use whole milk okay!

Selamat mencuba!:)


  1. kenapa mesti ada husband? haha! :)

  2. xtaw.hahha...maybe nk ckp ssuatu utk semua jnis keluarga la kot.keluarga baru, keluarga lama..LOL