Monday, May 23, 2011

A Nice Person With Nice Dinner


Just came back from a dinner with someone special. Our madam..:)
Had a lot of food stuffed into my stomach..errghhh~~~  herbalife pn xkn dpt selesaikan masalah ni.LOL..

Chicken Rice
Chocolate Cookies
Tiramisu Cake
Sambal Goreng
Bihun sup

Wah, mmg term kebuluran tu xpernah wujud dalam kamus budak budak Marjon.
who says we can't live 'WELL' in overseas? *squint*

Tiramisu Cake by Nur Azureen

Tapi one thing I want to praise myself for tonight performance. I was talking to a whole lot. Well, I'm not really good actually when it comes to conversing with adult. I have no 'modal' to talk... and it makes me feel so awkward...But tonight, I am not!:) *pat my back*

Thank you so much Madam Nori:)