Thursday, April 21, 2011

Italy (recommended place)


thanks to Allah for the great opportunity He gives to me in my life. Just got back from Italy which took  5 hours++ trains from Plymouth to Airport Gatwick and 3 hours ++ flight (Easyjet). Nothing to say except great EXPERIENCE!

We went to 6 places instead of 7. Naples had to be cancelled because it's too far and the ticket was waaaaay expensive. Here, I would like to share places that i think worth visited and the sweet and bad experience that I had during it.

There were 9 of us. We arrived at Milano Malpensa Airport at 12.00 am and we decided to sleep at the airport (save budget:p).
saje pilih gmbr kabur.hehe
muka sleeping beasts. LOL

Milan, for me, is not a recommended place for holiday. Not so many places to be visited and there were a lot of immigrants. (be careful. you might be cheated by their kindness.)

We went to:
by a designer named Young.

read it for knowledge

inside it:)
behind the wall is a beautiful fountain!

Bought a ticket from self service machine to go to Venice. worth 15.00 euro

There were other places we went, but it was so boring that I feel not to tell about it:p

Word of the day in Milan
Si: Yes
Sweet memory: Sleep at the airport.
bad memory: cheated by Moroccan immigrants.

Stars: 2 stars

Superb! Splendid! We didn't book for accommodation in Venice. However, everyone seemed very exhausted and bad mood about the Milan's incident, we looked for a hotel. Alhamdulillah, Allah heard our prayers. We got a hotel near the train station. 25 euros per night and it was a superb hotel! It is rated as 3 stars hotel but personally, I would rate it 4 stars!
this is the hotel! name: Antica Casa Carettoni. Very near to the train station

Venice is a very recommended place for those who want to go for honeymoon or holiday. You can go to Murano Island, St. Marco and also Rialto. The views were splendid. Indescribable.:)
night view at Venice.
early in the morning.Let's go to Murano Island!
we didnt ride the Gondola that day cause it was closed (i think) 
Instead, we ride the water taxi! 10 euros each
view while riding the watertaxi
Murano island is island of glass because there are a lot of company (factories) making glass based souvenir. 
It is very famous in italy. People are crazy about venezia glass. (except us)
making a glass.

Then we rode a waterbus to St Marco. All sort of souvenirs are sold here. However, the lane near our hotel sells at cheaper price-_-'

Word of the day in Venice
Ferrovia: Train station
Rialto: a bridge. (i think)

sweet memory: managed to arrive at Venezia St.Lucia train station safely.
bad memory: none!

Stars: 6 stars!!!

Brrrrrrrrrrrrr......... COLD!!! Our actual plan was to go to Pisa first. However, we had to change our plan because there was no train going directly to Pisa except to stop at Florence first. Florence was as boring as Milan. Not a recommended place for holiday.
cant remember what place was this.:p
near the above picture
another Duomo (church)
then we went to museum. displaying egypt collection.

There are other places too. but too many to be told here.hehe. Then we went to our accommodation place. I think it was Camping Site il Poggetto. So beautiful It is a hostel.
after a 1 km ++ of walking.errrghhh......=.=

The campsite provides a shop, a restaurant, swimming pool (cannot be used) and also a countryside view. We arrived here by blue bus. (SITA) ready for tomorrow!!! oh, the bus ticket costs 2.60++ euros per person (one way)

Word of the day in Florence:
Sita: bus

sweet memory: managed to find SITA (bus station in florence)
bad memory: tired and coldddddd

Star: 2 and 1/2 stars

Great!!!! because we didnt have to move much. We visited one place only which was the leaning tower. I couldnt believe that I have arrived there!! My first time to know about Pisa tower was in a magazine when I was 7 years old.

We went to Pisa by train just like Milan to Venice and Venice to Florence
btw, you need to stamp it using a yellow machine before boarding . (see the image) You can be charged 50 euros for not stamping your tickets.

beware of the street-seller. you will be charged 100 euros if you buy fake merchandise from them.

lepaking at the field near Pisa Leaning Tower

sweet memory: buying presents for some peeps.
bad memory: none!

Stars: 6 stars very recommended!

cancelled Naples, so extra one day in Rome-3 days in Rome! Stayed at Tiber Camp Roma. Very comfortable. Provides, free shuttle bus to train station, restaurant, a shop, swimming pool and great services.
Rome was fun but tired...................because it is so largeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! and we covered the place only by walking (as well as the places aboveee! imagine that!)

However, I was not as enthusiastic as I was during the first day since I missed my room so much.
We went to Colloseum, Pantheon, Spanish Steps, Micheal Angelo Castle, Tritone, Fontana Di Trevi and Vittorio Emmanuel II
in front of Vittorio Emanuale II

The colloseum

Spanish Steps

Sweet memory: To get back to Plymouth and to know that Spanish Steps was actually a mosque. When the Romans conquered Romes, they cleaned all the holy verses carved on the walls and turned it to a church. It was sweet because if i didnt come to Italy I would not know about this upset history.

bad memory: to leave Italy.

Stars: 6 stars!!!

Ciao!!! from italy. Please visit Italy.:)

p/s: the lesson from Italy Trip. Be more patient as Allah is more patient to us than we are to ourselves. Oh, playing BINGO while travelling was the best BINGO ever!!
p/s 2: lebih senang menjalankan tanggungjawab sebagai muslim ketika travel berbanding di rumah

i didnt plan or like to buy much things as i travel because i want to gain experience and to see the other side of the world. just buy things to some people that i know (who do not have the chance to go to italy yet *no offence, sincerely*) and also because they have helped me so much now and before and maybe forever.

a mug for Ustadz Haikal, for helping me:)
a lighter for my senior (thanks for your help!)
Keychains from all visited places for myself.ngee~~ 
(new hobby----well, i love cheap things LOL. 10 euros for 5:P)
Keychains for my beloved annoying sister, azwanida, someone and also not know yet to whom to give.
Fridge magnets for my ever beloved aunt, Saripah Syed Yussof aka Chik! featured in this ENTRY
Necklace with Venezia Glass Locket for my ever beloved annoying sister, Azwanida


  1. like this post very much especially the last one..lolssss

  2. always like prizes( bought for you):pLOL

  3. Mike Romeo SierraApril 23, 2011 at 2:33 AM

    At last can see your face there =)
    A lighter for my senior ha?
    I wonder who =) =) =)

  4. well, my face is everywhere. It's just that I don't want to put pics that have me in it.hhhhaha..
    yeah a lighter with a message "setiap hembusan menghampiri maut' at the back.LOL

  5. Mike Romeo SierraApril 23, 2011 at 9:01 AM

    Owh, it is like that.
    Imagine this, you are eating the so-called chicken wing with a warning on the package saying:
    'Setaip gigitan menambah berat'.
    How's that? LOL

  6. mike romeo sierraApril 23, 2011 at 9:31 AM

    Soooo High School Musical thing