Friday, April 8, 2011

Easter is Here (Teaser)


waaaa..mata sangat pedih. Selalu berair dan merah. Tapi itu tidak memadamkan semangatku untuk bercuti Easter.

Upcoming events soon:

1. Cuti Cuti Musim Bunga (Spring Holiday) CCMB 2011 in Plymouth
2. Travel. Where??? Shhh...Secret. :p

Here's a hint for you:

can you guess it?? Hooray!

Wait for my updates soon. I love travelling. Flu can't stop me from being Syamimi!:)

p/s: It has been a week. I don't know what have happened but anyway. I think what is happening between that person and me, is for good. InsyaAllah. Husnudzon:)

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