Monday, April 25, 2011

Day 3: Perfect First Date


first date. humm... Until now, I've never had  a date alone with a guy. (wait, hang out with female friend is it a date too?err..). So, first date. If nak ikut jawapan fantasi maybe ada y ckp candle light dinner with roses bla bla bla. But my perfect first date will be the first time I meet my husband alone with no one around (honestly, better believe me keh).Waiting to say words that have been written for years in each other's heart. That's it. :)

heee~ shy la shy la.:P

p/s: I hope that person knows I admire that person soooo much.:P pssstt...secret.can't tell you who. cz, that person cannot know about this:P (maybe he knew?opss..i'm dead meat)

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