Saturday, April 23, 2011

Day 2: Favourite Movie.


Alhamdulillah, still breathing. haaaahhhhhh.....ok. favourite MOVIE? why not movies? I have a few that I really like. but since it requires singular, I'll choose a Bollywood movie. A great one I would put. Greatest I've ever watched so far. Lot of messages instead of just mere love story, running in garden, singing, dancing and all sort of must-have Bollywood scenes.

 I think most of you have watched it. It's a 2009 movie if I'm not mistaken. I heard that the storyline has something to do with the director's real experience. Well, no wonder it's a hit and so real. It's taken up from a real plot:p
3 idiots.

negative title but positive messages inside. I watch it over and over again especially when I'm really in a lazy mood to do assignment (like now?errr). It taught me about friendship. So sweet. *awww*
It taught me about parents. about study. how we should treat life (the one i'm not putting into practice yet.ergh!) so, watch it if you havent. till then. I'm syamimi reporting from ZACK's. Let's back to Angkasapuri. ciao!