Sunday, December 5, 2010

London= Kota Bharu


safely arrived at London (Paddington) at 6.18 pm. This is my first time travelling to London alone. Thank God I have a tube map and also a rough map of Paddington Tube station whereabout from kak mira.

on the way to Plymouth train station, i snapped as many pictures as i could of everything which was interesting

she has longggg legs.

look! Rudolf!

Rudolf..can u fly?:p

hey, r u snapping my pic? snap it beautifully please~~ (posing)


there were bubbles at this time. couldnt snap any

Fortunately, i was not late. took my tickets and off to platform the train, i typed two sentences for SBE reflection and 2 hours for entertaining myself with Cooking Academy games.:p Upon arrival, i texted my sis.
my sis was already at Paddington Tube station since she was from King Cross St.Pancras.
The first thing that popped into my head "ok, where the heaven is this tube station.urghh.."
What I hated most was the train station is so huge, with so many trains queuing.... I was dizzily trying to find the WAY OUT sign.

 and i was like:
"Is this Hogwart railway station." quite huge and messy.

Then, i decided to just follow the crowd and alhamdulillah i found the way out.
ok, the first landmark. HALAL KFC, SOUVENIR SHOP, SUBWAY,
(gggguuurrrppppppppp)-my stomach growled.ehehhee....hey, my last kfc meal was 3 months ago ok!

Checkmate! Paddington underground! (apesal nth saya ckp checkmate.hehe)
calling my sis "where r you.bla bla blaaaa..."

Ok, found her. off we went to Aldgate. and now, in a kind senior's house.:)
hope tomorrow's event gonna be fine.

saksikanlah filem anak itik pening cari reban:p


Yeah! at last we found it; London Metropolitan University)

When i was recording this, i saw a medium yellow piece of paper pasted at the bus stand, written, "Muhammad, the last prophet for human."

the moral value are:
-even though it is your first time to try out something (good), dunt look down on yourself. go for it!
-explore the world as the world is made for us to appreciate.
-i hope, those who do not have the chance to come here, more or less could imagine the situation in UK.
(London, for me, more or less like Kuala Lumpur)

(tibe2 saya rase, yang saya dah wat London tu macam KB. (contohnya: nak pergi lusa, pastu balik keesokan harinya. tiket beli bila? hari ni. -_-')


  1. terror la ang..haha..oh mcm kL sejuk dan bersih lg kot..huhuuuu

  2. i mean mesti sejuk dan bersih..never been there..but kL is crap..

  3. aphyx: agak la mcm dia mmg sebijik cam KL...walaupon KL lagi serius...Malaysia is still the best...^^