Thursday, December 9, 2010

Friend equals to Fortune!


:D..heee~~ again..actually, i didnt plan to write today. since i think i have beautiful things to share today..then, y dont share..sharing is caring..but dont share false news..
that's not sharing, that's backstabbing *enuf of sarcasm syamimi. focus! focus!*, i went to ASDA with kak mira. (btw, ASDA is like Pantai Timur hypermarket..err..i've told u be4 right?.*

neway..bought few things *im lying*
and, on the way back, kak mira received a beautiful gift from Ayein..

(my ex roomate and my future housemate)

so, i decided why dunt i share something too with the people i love. one rule in "GIVING"..never hope for return. ikhlas k..ikhlas *pejam mata*

hopped into Ummi's house and gave her a box of cookies...:)
besides sharing cookies, it means...we also must share....

FATS! hahhahahha!LOL
*thumbs up*

you jump, i jump....
I'm've to be fat too...LOL
Titanic.what's an epic.

 Ummi: sorry pak cik, sy gemuk skit...
Pak cik pembuat kot: alaaaa..awak bukan gemuk, besar sikit aje...*hares pak cik*

oh..her name is Ummi..but Micheal called her Yumi.haha..

Then, when i was checking on Fiza's camera...found these..
totally forgot about this.

err..dunt misunderstand. they still like hot guys.:P

and it is not only two of them..they are triplets.well, u can say that if you name friendship as family.:D

err..okay, forgive them for their "prasantan"

these three... have an epic too. fighting, arguing....because of food..-_-'
and sulking..haha...but hey..that's friendship rite..people have their own epic.
arguing, triangle love (always happens even in friendship:P) back talking, but please..not backstabbing.

so, learn this backstabber...friendship can be bitter sometimes..but backstabbing is not is a betrayal. 


  1. hahahahaha..i loike2!!!!lov u la moknik!!ngeheheh..klu salu msuk lam blog ko leh jd artis

  2. i liiike!!! haha usna x abeh2 nak jadi artis..

  3. kalo ko jd artis, ak jd manager jela.. hehehe :D
    like it nik!!


  4. usna: blah la weh..ko igt blog aku ni blog artis ke org nk dtg tgk slalu?xde maknenye ko leh tkenal

    pia:bio le dia ngn dunia dia.:p

    wawa: sign ngn usna la!