Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Ramadhan Spirit

hye! Assalamualaikum everybody.
haaaa...for this two weeks you gonna have a non -stop update of my blog.haha.^ ^
happy?? (thank youuu..huhuk)

This morning i woke up at 6.15 a.m.Poor granny. she could not have her sahur.:-(
 Well then, you must know the nature of old folks. sometimes, they are like children. Wants people to pamper them and fulfill their every wish.
Now you know how you acted back then during childhood. ^_^ ;p

I wanted to recall the spirit of ramadhan among my folk villagers back in 1998-2000 (as far as i remember)
Maybe some of you also experience the same.

Before this, my neighbours liked to visit houses. They chatted, exchanged stories (about husband, children, recepies)
During Ramadhan we loved to exchange dishes. Kak Dah gave us Kuih Mulu. Kak Pah gave us Gula Tempoyak and we would give gulai ayam or Kerang Rebus

However, I rarely see these now. Yesterday, I cooked Ikan Gulai Kuning for berbuka and there was some extra.
sekadar hiasan
So, I scooped some to be given to Abe Nik Mat (opposite to my house). On last Monday, I gave a bowl of Gulai Daging since there were extra.

sekadar hiasan

I wondered whether the spirit of exhanging dish has vanished..:??

and last night, K' Ana, Abe Nik Mat's wife, gave us langsat. 3 bowls of langsat (to give back our bowls)
my sis laughed at top of her lungs ( I wondered why)

Then, she sat in front of my granny presenting those bowls and took one langsat from each bowl and ate them.

She said:
Emmm..sedap daging goreng K'ana...Yang ni...emm..sedap Gulai ayam dia..Fuh!.hahaha

Then , I understood. She felt amused by the way K' Ana's attempt to repay our dishes. So bad of my sis.
But, I know. she was just kidding.:p

Today's Menu are:
Sup Ayam
sekadar hiasan
-saya punya xde kentang. tapi kalau saya letak, mesti ade org suh pos kt dia:)-

Daging paprik
sekadar hiasan

After some times, I realised that cooking is not solely about skill. It's about the ingredients that you put. If you campak bawan putih, bawang merah, lada, garam, perasa, gula, letak air sikit and kangkung. Ia dah jadi kangkung goreng

p/s: each day, i felt very lazy to recite Quran. what is happening to me. :(

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